EkoBenny Bond (iBond005)

An integrated milk collection station for all your needs – a bond for life.

EkoBenny Bond is our low-cost solution for milk collection centres in the rural areas and at the village level. It integrates five different modules to provide a total solution based on ultrasonic analyzers, data processing, integrated printing and mobile telecom services like GPS and GPRS. With this unit comes the convenience of electronic data processing and transfers to and from remote locations. With this integrated solution, remote management of multiple collection centres and analyzers can be done easily. Data management under various categories like rate and price management, collection and analysis of accrued data, data on individual or group of vendors, quantum of milk collection can all be remotely administered and inspected with the data at your fingertips in real-time. What is more, real-time updates or upgrades of software can be done easily and remotely too.

Technical Data:

Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy*
FAT 0 – 15% 0.01% ±0.10
SNF 0 – 15% 0.01% ±0.20
CLR 0 – 40 0.1 ±0.50
Added Water 0 – 100% 0.1% ±0.30
Repeatability + 0.05%
Optional* Protein Display (Calculated)
Measurement Cycle 40 sec
Sample Volume 20 ml
ULTRASONIC PROCESSOR Timer: 10-20 sec (adjustable)
Frequency: 25 - 30 KHz. (adjustable)
DATA PROCESSING UNIT Processor : 32bit Stellaris Micro Controller
Speed : 80Mhz
RAM : 96KB
Memory : 2GB
PRINTER (Optional) Thermal, 2 inch width, 42 characters
GSM / GPRS (Optional) Email / SMS / FTP / Remote Management
INPUT / OUTPUT RS 232 - Weighing Balance, USB-IBM Keyboard, USB - Pen Drive,
RS 232 - Remote Display Unit / Serial Printer/PC, USB - Pen Drive, USB-Printer

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EkoBenny Bond (iBond005)

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