Ekomilk Spectra

A hybrid milk analysis solution – the best of ultrasonic and mid-infrared

This is a hybrid mid-infrared and ultrasound milk analysis solution which utilizes the best of both technologies. Along with the milk parameters measurement and adulteration-monitoring, this new generation of hybrid milk analyzer provides a fast and cost effective way for collecting, processing and saving all data about the volume and quality of the milk supplied by each milk vendor.

It also provides a flexible way for real-time calculation of the amounts payment to each milk vendor. The data can be easily transferred by USB Flash drive to a PC for further processing and archiving.

Technical Data:

Fast Analysis - large number of measurements
Highly sensitive detection of adulterants
12V DC and 220V AC Power Supply
Measuring cycle 40 sec.
Low power consumption
Very small quantity of milk required
Digital recalibration option for end user
Touch-Screen Display
Two independent RS 232 COM Ports
Four USB Host ports with Mass Storage,and Numeric keyboard support
ESC Printer Support
Data Collection System
High detection level of adulterants like Urea, Melamine and Ammonium Sulphate

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