People and Culture

We at Benny believe that our biggest assets are our people. But this also includes the vast number of people in the dairy industry and in the various locations across the country that are connected to us in our common endeavor to ensure the quantity and quality of milk production. We share an affinity of purpose and a common goal with these people. They too are our prized assets.

Our personnel have varied and vast experience in the milk collection process. They have interacted with thousands of farmers and milk producers across the country. Regardless of language or region, our skilled personnel reach out to those in need of our services and those who use our equipment and technologies for the best utilization of resources in milk production and quality assurance. Our work culture is defined very simply – ‘Work is Worship’. From the fields of the farmer to the rarefied climes of the corporate offices, we blend in easily and offer our best services.

Unity & Diversity

In this nation, where languages and dialects vary greatly even over short distances, where people of all backgrounds merge together as one, our greatest strength is our bond and our belief in humanity.

No matter what the origins, what the roots, what the caste or colour or creed, no matter which the language – in the end, we all belong to a greater community. The spectrum of humanity you see here at Benny is in itself an iconic image of unity. We believe in participation, not just within our tight-knit family of employees and professionals, but amongst the masses that we deal with on a daily basis.