Ekomilk Amrit Green DPS

Automatic Milk Reception and Intelligent Testing

Like the Ultra MB analyzer, this unit offers simultaneous Fat and SNF testing with a high degree of accuracy and swiftness. It also adds data processing and reporting to its capabilities and is extremely convenient and helpful in maintaining and collecting data records as needed. With multiple USB ports, printer ports and a larger memory, this unit helps in data processing and data collection as required. Not only that, electronic transfer of the data records becomes easier and swifter.

Technical Data:

Automatic Milk Analyser for Simultaneous FAT and SNF Analysis - EKOMILK ULTRA
Inbuilt Ultrasonic Processor with Adjustable Time and Frequency for fast de-airation.
In built Data Processing Unit to Accept On-line data, Store, Print, Import / Export milk data and generate Reports.
Online Integration with Weighing Scale (Kg./Litre)
Integrated with
• USB Pen Drive
• Thermal Printer (Optional)
Simple, Easy to Use, Economical
Fast and Accurate
No acid or Chemical Required for testing
Easy to Clean, Single Measuring Cell
Low maintenance cost
Suitable for Cow / Buffalo / Mixed Milk
Built in Secure Calibration Procedure
Large Memory Storage 4GB
Multiple / Future Rate Charts
Import and Export of Data in Encrypted Form
Consolidated Storage of data from multiple Collection Points
Auto Backup / Restore
Hot keys facility for all major operations
Deleted Records Log
Facility for field programming / upgradation
Built-in Format / Reset option with data backup
4 Digit and Unique 16 Digit Member Code
Provision for Dispatch Data
Multiple Password Security
• Acknowledgement Slip
• Shift Summary
• Milk Bill
• Payment Summary
Modular and Scalable
Free Standard Applications for
• Rate Chart creation
• Master Data creation
• Master data upload and download
• Transaction data upload and download
• Data export in Text / Excel / CSV format
Universal Configuration
• Cleaning Log Report
• Calibration Log Report

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