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Technical Data:

Technologies and Features  

RD-8 Reference Drier-5700

To determine Moisture content in Milk Powder

  • 8 Samples
  • Adjustable Temperature range upto 110° C
  • Regulated Pressure
  • Confirming to ISO/DIN 5537, IDF 26 standards

Nova Safety-3670

Electronic Gerber Centrifuge

  • Suitable for 8 Butyrometers
  • Built-in Heater, Timer and Brake
  • Automatic Lid Locking Device
  • Confirming to ISO/ IDF standards

Super Vario N-3680

Multipurpose Electronic Dairy Centrifuge for

  • Gerber Test (upto 36 Butyrometers)
  • Solubility Index Determination
  • Mojonnier Extraction
  • Confirming to ISO/ IDF standards

CryoStar I-7160

Automatic Cryoscope for determination of Freezing Point of Milk

  • Range 0 to -1.5000°C
  • Measurement Time: 2 Minutes
  • Confirming to ISO/ IDF standards

Solubility Index Mixer-7630

To determining the solubility of Milk

  • According DIN ISO 8156
  • Solubility mode & free mode
  • Adjustable drive: 800-4000 rpm
  • Adjustable time: 5-99 seconds
  • Automatic Lift
  • Usable for beer degasing

Jolting Volumeter-7660

Type STAV II for determining the Jolting Volume of Powdered Milk

  • High Gloss with Single Phase AC motor
  • Jolting mechanism with tension lock
  • Five digit electric pre selection counter
  • Standardised measuring cylinder by weight and graduation

SEDILAB Sediment Tester-4800

Manual Sediment Tester

  • With Clamp for attaching to tables
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sample volume - 500 mI of Milk

Safety Reading Lamp-3800

For safely and precise reading of Butyrometer

  • Anti-Glare illumination
  • Lens with protective Plexiglass Cover
  • Adjustable Height and Lens Distance,
  • Cord - Operated Switch

pH Meter “pH 49”-4450

Pocket pH Meter

  • Range: 4-9
  • Temperature Range: 0-50°C
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

WB-436 D Universal Water Bath (Digital)-3707

Digital Water Bath

  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Digital set-point controller
  • Timer 0-99 Minute with acoustic signal
  • Temperature: 0-100°C
  • Inner and Outer Stainless Steel

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