Our Journey

We have been around for over five decades. This is not merely a business – it is our passion. This is not just the history of a successful commercial venture but a chronicle of our commitment to a cause dear to our hearts – Milk. Our pledge to ensure the highest quality and purity of this health drink to the nation is our raison d'être.

Every story has a beginning. Ours starts in 1966 when Jupitor was set up as a pioneering manufacturer of laboratory equipment for milk analysis in India. Our contributions are cloaked in modesty. But there is little hesitation in asserting that we aided in greatly changing the Indian dairy industry by promoting the best practices and processes for its growth, by ensuring the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of Milk Collection. In five decades of excellence and continuous improvement, we have strived to overachieve. Our fervor drives us to our goals. Our rock-solid reputation amongst our clients reveals why we are the leading and most trusted provider of end-to-end solutions and services in the field of Milk Collection. Our journey has just begun, our passion is young.


Back in time through the years...

  • 1966

    Jupitor Glass Works

    Jupitor Glass Works was established in the year 1966 under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Yash Paul Nangia who pioneered in production of world class Butyrometers and other laboratory equipment in India.

  • 1970

    ISI Certification

    In 1970, the quality of Butyrometers being manufactured by Jupitor Glass Works in India was recognized and the ISI certification mark was awarded.

  • 1985

    Production of Centrifuges

    We commence production of manual and electric centrifuges, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • 1995

    Benny Impex Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with Funke Dr. N. Gerber GmbH

    A defining moment for us and the industry: Mr. Karan Nangia sets up Benny Impex Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with Funke Dr. N. Gerber GmbH for the export of Butyrometers and other specialized glassware, and import of Automatic Milk Analysers.

    We expand operations – production and export of Refrigerated Milk Vans and Road Milk Tankers to other countries.

  • 2000

    Aids in Detection of Milk Adulteration

    Jupitor Glass Works collaborates with Mother Dairy and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to develop, manufacture and promote the use of kits that aid in Detection of Adulterants in Milk.

  • 2005

    A technical collaboration with Eon Trading LLC of Bulgaria

    Benny Impex enters into a technical collaboration with Eon Trading LLC of Bulgaria for the introduction of the state-of-the-art Milk Analysers under the brand name Eko Milk Ultra. This ultrasonic analyser radically alters the way dairy farmers are paid for the quality and quantity of their produce.

  • 2010

    Automation Solutions

    We begin to offer end-to-end automation solutions to the dairy industry in Milk Collection Centers. A completely dedicated service support network is established throughout the country.

  • 2012

    Complete and Integrated Automatic Milk Collection Station

    The ears-to-the-ground approach in understanding the problems in Milk Collection at the grassroots-level results in the development of robust support systems and phenomenal automation solutions.

    The tangible result of this hands-on approach culminates in the production of a radically innovative “all-in-one” Automatic Milk Collection Station called Eko Benny Bond – an integrated Milk Analyser that is duly recognized and awarded as the most innovative product of the year by the Bulgarian Government.

  • 2013

    Solar Powered and Software Automation Solutions

    Our drive to innovate results in the development of Amrit Green – a Solar Powered Solution, addressing the challenges of dairy producers in remote and rural areas with little or insufficient access to stable and continuous power.

    Benny forays into data management in tandem with the growth of the dairy industry. IT solutions like Trinetra, i-MOCSH and DivyaDrishti are implemented to streamline the remote management of vast networks of Milk Collection Centers through an innovative web-based dashboard, allowing strategic control to Milk Brand owners to monitor/supervise milk collection processes in real time.

  • 2014

    CDPS Electronics

    A new group company – CDPS Electronics, was set up in Dehradun, as a dedicated company manufacturing the new integrated all -in-one Automatic Milk Collection Station – Eko Benny Bond, as part of the ambitious 'Make in India' Government initiative. This integrated AMCU has also been developed to operate on solar energy.

  • 2015

    Information Technology Solutions - JIS

    The successful expansion and diversification into IT and software development necessitates the setting up of Jupitor Infotech Services (JIS) dedicated to Service/Support for Automatic Milk Collection Systems installed, and constant development / upgradation of software solutions.

  • 2016

    Milk Analysers based on Hybrid technology

    The story continues and we continue to surge ahead in innovating, developing and improving new solutions to ensure the highest quality of milk. Our passion leads us to explore new areas and our current pursuit is the development of new generation Milk Analysers – Ekomilk Horizon and Ekomilk Spectra based on Hybrid Technology.

  • 2017

    Our Promise, Our Endeavour

    Fifty years young. The times ahead will sustain our pursuit of excellence, our constant desire towards perfection and ensuring the highest quality of milk in every household. The innovation continues...

Our Vision

Over five decades, our commitment to our cause has not diminished our ardor for improvement, innovation and refinement of solutions for the dairy industry.

Milk is our concern and rightly so. Without a doubt, milk is the health drink of a nation. Ensuring its purity and quality becomes a veritable duty to those who provide this nourishment to the masses. It is our promise to continue to strive towards perfection in achieving our goal: Ensure that PURE FRESH MILK reaches every Indian Home Every day!!

Our Values

Our business is our passion. What makes us stand out from the competition is our approach.

We understand what a small dairy farmer is looking for and respond to that need with just as much alacrity and compassion as we do to an affluent producer. It is this sense of humility that has driven us towards excellence through the years of our existence. While we are associated with the largest dairy producers in the country and while we collaborate with dairy entities globally, we also reach out to those in far-flung areas, in the rural parts of our country where most our population resides. Our commitment is absolute. We stand by our values always and never stop in our efforts to provide only the best. This is why we lead the industry; this is why we pride in our immense contribution.


Group Companies

Jupitor Glass Works

This is where it all started. Founded in 1966, the company was the pioneer in the manufacture of premier laboratory testing equipment. In several ways, Jupitor has contributed greatly to the development of the Dairy industry as well as the science behind it. Over the five decades, the company has grown along with the nation’s milk producing capacity.

Benny Impex

The company was founded in 1995 and offers a range of Automatic Analysers for the Milk industry, based on modern and emerging technologies. Undoubtedly, the adoption of newer technologies introduced by Benny to enhance the existing processes plays an important role in the nations success and ease in Milk Collection.

The company has never rested on its laurels and has strived to innovate, invent and

produce equipment of the highest quality based on the practical and real needs of the market. It now enjoys the trust and reputation across the country, unmatched by any other competitor.

The promise of quality and its strict pursuit of this oath has ensured that it remains a name that towers over the rest in the industry.

CDPS Electronics

A new group company – CDPS Electronics, was set up in Dehradun, as a dedicated company manufacturing the new integrated all -in-one Automatic Milk Collection Station – Eko Benny Bond, as part of the ambitions 'Make in India' Government initiative. This integrated AMCU has also been developed to operate on solar energy.

Jupitor InfoTech

The spread of Milk Collection Systems and the growth of the IT industry by leaps and bounds helped the group companies adopt newer technologies at a faster pace that outstripped the original development that were conceived and deployed in the initial stages. A real need was perceived to ensure a dedicated team for support and service in the field and a platform for the further research and development of technologies.

Thus, Jupitor Infotech deals with the servicing and support of the AMCU systems installed in the field and the implementation of IT tools and technologies in the domain of milk collection. It is dedicated to the development of software and data management solutions for the dairy industry. IT solutions like Trinetra, iMOCSH and DivyaDrishti developed, maintained and upgraded by the skilled team of Jupitor Infotech.