Ekomilk Ultra MB

Fast and accurate ultrasonic milk analysis at your fingertips

You can simultaneously analyze Fat and SNF accurately and swiftly with the Ultra MB milk analyzer. With a measurement time of less than 40 seconds, it is not only fast but also economical to use, easy to maintain and suitable for cow/buffalo/mixed milk analysis. It comes with a digital display and printer ports for your convenience and reporting needs.

Technical Data:

Parameter Range Resolution
FAT 0 – 15% 0.01%
SNF 0 – 15% 0.01%
CLR 0 – 40 ±0.1
Added Water 0 – 100% 0.1%
Parameter Range
Repeatability ± 0.05%
Accuracy* ± 0.10%
Sample Volume Less than 20ml
Power Supply 220 Volts AC, ± 5% / 12 Volt DC
Power Consumption 30 Watts
Ambient Temp. 15 ~ 35° C
Dimensions 95 X 300 X 250 mm
Weight 3.0 Kgs
Ports RS 232 Serial

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