It is said that with great powers come greater responsibilities. We at Benny believe that it is true.

As a society, we must be aware of what is happening around us and to the world. The many decades of depredation and exploitation of our natural resources has almost brought us to the brink of crisis. In big and small ways, all of us must join hands and contribute to the cause of saving the environment. Benny showed this in a unique manner by developing equipment that could run on solar energy. Our constant endeavor to look for alternate solutions helps this cause and we strive to seek similar solutions that shall wholly or partially depend on off-the-grid solutions and thus, help the environment.

Our remote management applications help save many man-hours that would have been expended on travel and consumption of fuel. In big and small ways, we try our best to contribute to the cause of the environment.


In a country, as diverse as India, the cultural aspects and differences cannot be ignored.

A farmer in Gujarat may not share the same sentiments as someone in Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, with this great diversity comes the difference in language as well. Our professionals seek to overcome these hurdles with ease. We foster a sense of oneness. After all, whether it is a farmer in South India or in the Northern-most part of India, the colour of milk remains the same. This commonality binds us and brings us together. Our teams are actively encouraged to have people-to-people contact, at the grassroots as well as at the corporate level. We reach across communities from diverse areas, from the rural to the urban, from the North to South, from the East to the West.

Our Beliefs

Our sense of ethics drives our work culture. Whether we deal with large corporates or government entities or with the rural farmers, we maintain the same discipline and humility. This is the reason we have gained the trust and the reputation that we enjoy.

Our business ethics ensure that there is no compromise on quality, no rules broken for the sake of convenience. We made a commitment to the people of the nation that we would strive to bring fresh and pure milk to their doorsteps every single day. It is our endeavor to abide by this promise. Rather than resting on our laurels, we try to enhance our solutions, streamline the processes, and constantly try to refine and upgrade existing products and processes to the best of our skills and abilities. This obsession with refinement and recalibration is what makes us the market leader and a trusted name in the dairy industry

Redefining our goals and reinventing ourselves, is what makes us fifty years’ young.

Our Role & Responsibility in Society

Milk is an essential food and the health drink of the nation. The services we provide are in a way our tribute to this nation and society. Fifty years ago, we made a promise to ensure quality of milk.

Although much has been achieved, we still need to fulfill our obligations to the future generation. We reach out to people from diverse backgrounds, remote locations and to people of every caste, creed, language and region. We discover oneness in our common goal of ensuring the pristine quality of the milk that is produced. We work at the grassroots to educate those involved in dairy activities and bring to them the use of technology and innovation that could help their collection. We listen to the people on the ground and based on their feedback, aim to refine our processes and achieve practical solutions. We are a part of the lives of a billion people in one way or the other. It is with great responsibility that we take upon ourselves the promise of purity and quality.


Aarogyalay is a concept which gives a very good message to children on how to stay healthy in today’s times, when children are facing so much stress and harming their growth.

To control this problem we at Benny have joined hands with Aarogyalay by donating a fully equipped Mobile Van as our CSR program, which will visit various schools and support to organize workshops for Aarogyalay.

CSR Policy